LA MERCANTILE SPEDIZIONI, logistic leaders are directly and actively involved and trained in analyzing, planning, and verifying the transportation of large industrial plants around the world.

Our in-house engineering team is able to study lifting procedures, pre-stowage and sea fastening works in direct cooperation with all classification registries and private and national survey companies.

This expertise has enabled us to transport and deliver to final destination partial or full plants of exceptional items for all major manufacturers of energy markets.

The Group headed by LA MERCANTILE SPEDIZIONI offers a range of complementary services that require a high level of experience and professionalism, in order to guarantee accurate performances.

• Feasibility studies and implementation of projects for the “door to door” transport of complete plants (including revamping)
• Containers consolidation through an extensive network worldwide (including oversize cargo)
• Special packaging for sea and air transportation.



• International freight forwarding
• Inland transport service across Europe
• Logistic support for supplies
• Warehousing & distribution facilities
• Consolidation and un-staffing services
• Custom / in-house clearance
• Cargo insurance

We are a benchmark for many Italian and foreign forwarding agencies when it comes to custom operations, and we always ensure a high level of professionalism.

We provide these services in compliance with IATA terms & conditions.